CAP Mobile insight

Gain real insight into who really is your customer with CAP Mobile Insight. With Billions of observations weekly, CAP makes it simple to understand where your customers originate and what the path to purchase is. CAP Mobile Insight provides instant results providing when people visit a shopping center, by day, day-part and over time. Accelerate your decision making and arm your team from data scientist to executives with CAP Mobile Insight.

Coupled with CAP API will supercharge your platform and continuously provide you with the most up to date location data. Off load your IT to CAP, with CAP API.


mobile insight geo-fence

CAP has geo-fenced over twenty thousand CAP Shopping Centers to capture when consumers have entered a center, where did they come from and where did they go along the way. With over a billion observations a week this big data provides massive insight into the consumer.


Mobile insight trade areas

CAP Mobile Insight Trade Areas – CAP has generated trade areas for twenty thousand+ shopping centers that show a true trade area around centers of interest. In the past this had to be modeled to predict where your customers are coming from. Now with CAP Shopping Centers coupled with CAP Mobile Insight, modeling is a thing of the past. Now we can produce true results for a complete path to purchase.


Customer Insights

Determine who really are your customers with a real data generated by a mobile devices location. No more guessing and building models & trade areas and assuming it’s correct. With 95% of Americans owning a mobile phone CAP Mobile Insight will provide direct actionable results