New ReCAP - Retail & Restaurant, Coming Soon...

CAP will be launching a new product for Retail and Restaurant, which will be a premium annual subscription for all retail and restaurant for the US and Canada.


  • Premium Subscription - One low annual price (Lowest price in the industry)

    • If we don’t have, we will get it for you. Up to ten stores/chains custom collected by our data acquisition team. ( 10 requests annually)

  • Al Carte purchase option, by chain

  • Store Attributes - Most extensive variables available, square footage, parent company, and four levels of geography

  • Standardize Record Lay

  • Persistent Location ID WooCommerce

    • Permanent record identifier that stays constant for the life of the store.

    • Enables you to update stores in your systems without overwriting your data and maintaining existing reports.

    • Industry first

Cap mobile insight

CAP Mobile Insight is a new innovative product bringing 21st century technology to the retail, restaurant and shopping center industry. CAP Mobile Insight provides a deep view into your consumers movement and shopping patterns by using GPS tracking from their mobile devices. While maintaining strict compliancy laws CAP is able to provide where consumers originate from and follow them on their path to purchase.