Recap retail & restaurant

An Invaluable Tool for Site Selection, Analysis & Powering your solution platform.

The ReCAP Retail & Restaurant database provides a complete, continually up-to-date view of today's retail & restaurant landscape, making it highly desirable and invaluable for site selection. competitive intelligence and analysis.  ReCAP Retail & Restaurant is a comprehensive list of 1,200,000+ locations that will enable you to make intelligent, strategically relevant decisions.  The data is completely customizable and, in fact, will work seamlessly with your current GIS and solution provider systems.

Coupled with CAP API will supercharge your platform and continuously provide you with the most up to date location data. Off load your IT to CAP, with CAP API.


standized format

ReCAP Retail & Restaurant can deliver what other providers cannot, a consistent view of retail & restaurant locations in a standardized format for all locations. This will enable a single load capability with a consistent record and file format.


ReCAP Persistent Location ID

An industry first already in use in CAP Shopping Centers, enables a unique id for each location, which stays persistent from update to update. This means even if the store closes or attributes change, you will only ever need to update the record in your systems. Not a full reload of data, which can break existing reports and building work arounds to accommodate changes in data.


Industry verticalized classification

CAP has provided for over fourteen years allowing in depth categorization and sub-categories for retail and restaurant. For example, a fast food restaurant first’s level categorized as QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) and then sub-categorized by type of QSR, hamburger, pizza, sandwich etc.